Hand-made Invitation (Literally!)

You might be thinking that invitations are really handmade is this author nuts? But it really is handmade, except for the designing and printing stuff ofcourse.

One of my biggest dream is to start up my own events company, I already have plans and ideas but those are all kept inside the box for now —- atleast!

One day my colleague says that her sister will be having a wedding and looking for a good but cheap printing shop in our town, and I just suggested her myself and my other colleague (who also dreams the same thing). After telling us what the motif is, I started designing the inside of the invitation, I created 3 designs where our first clientele have chosen the picture shown in this post. Designing is not really hard, the cover is what made me cry and made my fingers almost bled. I designed the cover and how will it look like, so I created the pattern and start copying them in every sheets of the paper we will use as a cover. I gave the other half of the number of invitation to my partner so she can also cut the cover while I’m also doing the same thing. Team effort for the win!

First 3 cutting was okay, but as time goes by, I can feel the pressure. I can feel my fingers starting to get numb, I looked at my fingers and it looks like a molding tray lol! It is no joke to cut it most especially when it is a very detailed cover (which is basically my fault but hey! who doesn’t want to impress clients?) and ofcourse, it’s our first client so we wanted it to be perfect. We spent 3 days making the invitations, cutting here and there. It looks easy but it is not especially when the paper is 300GSM and design is curvy.

Finally we finished the cover and started to paste the inside and the ribbons. It feels so great to finish it and what makes it so fulfilling is knowing the bride loves the invitation, they even thought we used some type of stencil machine to cut it, but naahh. We used our delicate hands to make her invitations.

That’s why I called it handmade, we can go to the printing shop and just ask them to do it but it will cost us more than we will earn so why not improvise? Thanks to our hands, to our fingers that suffered a lot while doing this invitation. The joyful feeling after the pain, those sleepless nights to finish cutting it, the blisters and burns we have that time and the adrenaline rush to perfectly deliver it on time was all paid off by the wide and sweet smile of our client.

This what made us think of what to name the future company, Just A Snapwhere dreams do come true! (I’m alone now tho since my partner is so busy and we are far from each other)

Lesson learned? Use machine hahaha..

Team effort and hardworking will surely bring you to success! And cheers to the now happily married clients of us! Yay!

IG: instagram.com/injustasnap

You can contact me if you want me to do the same thing or if you have idea you may want to input as your invitation. I’ll be willing to assist you! (hahaha blog + business it is!)

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