Judge Us Not

Most of the people nowadays will judge you based on the course you’ve chosen to study in college.

I have been judged not by my family but by the people who barely know anything about me.

I studied Tourism Management (my cousin actually influenced me on this matter) and I’m proud of it. Studying Tourism Management is not that easy, well most of the people who thought that Tourism students and graduates only knows how to make theirselves beautiful, always holding make-up and wearing fancy high heels and dress. And it’s sad because when people knew what you’ve studied or studying will say “oh! you’re studying Tourism ONLY?why?”. I mean why do you have to ask why we choose to study Tourism but when people learned that you studied or studying Nursing, Education, Engineering and so on (I have nothing against to other courses) they won’t question your decision, instead they will congratulate you and wish you all the best you need.

Tourism will teach you how to become a certified tour guide, those sleepless nights just to memorize the destinations, tourist spots and attractions, town’s delicacies and the story of how one town was built, not to mention you need to create a funny or lively script for this so your tourists won’t get bored and their attention will be focused on you. You will also have to do research about that particular place, things, and food that cannot be found on the internet. You will have to think about how to entice your tourists. Then there’s a Tourism Planning subject wherein you will brainstorm with your classmates, friends, families, and professor how to determine and achieve the goals of the place, businesses, and tourists. How to implement the actions you have carefully studied so you can preserve or modernized the place. You also have to study and memorize the regions and it’s capital. Let’s say world geography! Airport code and country code which you can see on your tickets and on your boarding passes. The phonetic alphabet which you have to memorize but it’s not that hard tho. The thesis that you need to do for cruise management subject and tourism marketing. You have to memorize it all by the mind and by heart so you could graduate with flying colors and of course to apply it to your future work. Tourism will teach you how to differentiate the type of tourists according to their purposes. You will also learn that there is a Tourism law that provides a regulatory framework for the proper development and management of tourism activities. Which students and graduates had to study to be aware of the law protecting tourism and within it. The events you have to organize to showcase wonderful places in different countries. Tourism course will also mold your planning skills as you will be creating an itinerary for the tourists from the moment they wake up until they got back at the hotel, their safety is also your responsibility. Tourism will also help you boost your confidence as it is practicing and shaping you how to become a motivational speaker and an inspiring guide. It will groom you how to be you.

Tourism offers you knowledge not on how to properly put a make-up on but on how to be a better citizen of your nation than before. It gives us light on how to make our country attractive and inviting to other countries. I for myself already applied and still applying on what I’ve learned through those fruitful years in university.

People. Don’t ruin someone’s motivation and confidence just because your opinion is different. Instead of bashing, belittling and making them regret because of what they’ve decided to do, guide them and be an example.

To us who were judged because of what we have studied and studying, don’t mind them and don’t get mad or annoyed at them. Use them as a tool to be motivated to do better. Thank them for allowing the beast inside you to be fueled and be exceptional. We are who we are, don’t let it affect you and your decisions and choices in life. Just always aim high and prove to your self you are right!

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