A Glimpse of Mila’s and Bugoy’s

Nothing beats a stolen shot–a candid photo.

I was browsing my photos and saw this one. My lips automatically formed a wide smile. It’s my mom and dad dancing, I don’t know but it gives me a classic romance comedy feels. They were still boyfriends-girlfriends by the time this photo was taken.

They are not a perfect couple, Mom will rant and my dad will just scratch his head look at me and my brother then smile which irritates my mom even more and when this happen, all three of us will laugh and then my mom will really get mad. But if my dad gets mad she will just stay quiet. They never, ever hurt each other physically though. Since they are quite old, we will just see my dad putting ointment on my mom’s back and legs and my mom will also do the same. My dad will make coffee for the two of them and my mom always reminds him and give him his medications. Everytime my dad drives fast my mom will complain and he will just laugh but slow down a little bit. My mom will lecture my dad about the do’s and don’ts but end up giving and cooking the don’ts for my dad. My mom says she will just hear my dad sneak out of bed and open the fridge, she will just laugh but grill my dad the next morning. My dad relies on my mom very much like a child. There was a news of a tsunami hitting our little town, we are all so ready to go far from home. But my parents decided to stay behind and guard our house and belongings, I asked my mom why don’t they just go with us, her answer “I cannot leave your father behind, we will be okay and we will be in touch”. Thankfully it was a false news. My dad was a basketball player and my mom was his number 1 fan. My father ran for councilor and my mom supported him, walking and running to post his posters and give leaflets and cards. Always shouting “Bugoy!” during meal and medicine time. Always asking “Where is your mom / Mila?” whenever he didn’t see her inside our house. They are kinda sweet to each other but not the typical sweetness you will see in a couple.

I have this one moment with my dad, we were outside of my cousin’s house and having some random chats when I asked him, “Pa how did you met mama? Is she like this before? (I was pertaining about my mom’s armalite mouth lol!peace ma!haha). He gazed up the stars and I think he unconsciously smile or really smile I don’t know lol, start caressing his knee and “I met your mom thru common friend, they hang out inside our boat (my father was a seaman that time) and I noticed her the first time I saw her (love at first sight?lol) and she is not like this before, because of the problems she became like this” and I can see my father’s eyes, full of love, like in anime or cartoons where you will see diamonds and hearts on the character’s eyes and as if he can see the past by looking at the stars. At that moment, I knew the love they have for each other never fades. They are like cats and dogs but the love is still there (geez my tears fell down remembering this moment with him. Wish I could still have this kind of chat with him).

Since they both worked and met in Dubai, I thought they got married because he got my mom pregnant not until his burial ( read My First Love Left Me) He married my mom 2 years prior of me welcoming by the world. Whenever me and my mom have a small chat, she will reminisce the day when he was still alive, always talking as if my dad is still around.

Feels nostalgic by looking at this photo, it brings me back to the time when everyone is happy. When no one bids farewell. They are not the power couple hollywood has, not the king and queen of one’s nation, not the disney princess and prince but definitely the couple I will forever cherish and look up for, the role model couple that will be my forever idols. The couple I will be forever grateful for letting me and my brother see and experience what the world and life can offer. The couple on this picture that I will be forever thankful for loving us unconditionally, for protecting and providing us what we want and need, by being the wonderful parent and best friends. Thank you mama and papa! You will always be the parents I want to have and will dream and wish for my next life.

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