My OJT and Tour: Cagayan de Oro and (please) Camiguin!

On-the-job training helps you to become ready for work. It will help you realize which career path you should pursue after graduating. It’s not just about completing the hours of training but about the learnings you acquired.

In my case my ojt was a lot more fun. Why?Because we get to travel as a tourist at the same time! Let me tell you the journey of my not so long ojt in Cruise Management subject. We were told by our professor that we will be having an on board training in a cruise ship and aside from that we will be having our tour for this semester.

Early morning we travel going to the port where the cruise was anchored, waiting for us and for the passengers. It was raining and when we arrived, we were given the chance to choose our own roommates, and allowed to rest since it’s still early. When the ship started to cruise, the professors called us for briefing and excursion of the ship, Superferry 12 which is the largest ship of the company. Oldest and largest. Well during that time (2010).

We cruise for 2 days and the funny part was I woke up to my friends, sitting on their bed and looking at me, that’s the only time I realized my curtain was open. I asked them why because they are being weird, turns out I’m the weird one, the captain already gave 2 warning siren which means everyone should be alert. They all heard it except me hahaha! They were so ready to carry me incase there will be a 3rd siren! Imagine me waking up with fish swimming around me lol! Anyway, it turns out we were about to hit a small boat because of zero visibility (foggy). After cruising we finally arrive in Cagayan de Oro but ride a ferry boat again going to Camiguin, we stayed in Camiguin for 3days. Camiguin is really a paradise, you’ll see Lansones or Langsat in the streets or freely hanging in trees and can get it for free but in the market you’ll have to pay around $8/ kilo. We arrived at the resort and just changes clothes, leave our luggage and go to White Island in Camiguin, I saw the picture of it when I was training in Department of Tourism and I vowed myself to go there, which happened! The Island doesn’t have any hut or shelter and the sand was so fine and white not to mention the clean and clear water! We dipped ourselves and had so much fun!

2nd day in Camiguin, we went and swim to several places. Hot spring, cold spring and cold spring lol! There’s this spring called Soda Spring because the water tastes like Sprite! We also went to the ruins and underwater cemetery— I really want to dive and see those graves under water (it’s safe and clean since all graves are empty and remains were transferred to a new cemetery.) but my friends are too scared to do it. So I just shrugged off the idea and just have a photo with the huge cross which is a landmark for the underwater cemetery.

on our 3rd day we travelled going back to Cagayan de Oro but we first bought Lansones, I bought 20 kilos to bring it home and I only got it for the price of $1 per kilo, well Camiguin is the home of Lansones after all! We arrived in Cagayan de Oro kinda late so we just stayed inside our hotel room. Professors don’t want us to roam the streets late at night though.

We were scheduled for white water rafting the next day, and I regretted why I put a shirt with sleeves, people can clearly see the sunburn and the tanline lol! The organizers briefed us on how to paddle and what are the do’s and don’t. The excitement and adrenaline rush that we felt that time everytime we’ll pass the rapids was unexplainable. Not to mention the stories of people dying while on rapids. We were underneath the sun and aloft in the water for 4 hours with 14 rapids. The experience was great and unforgettable, our guide got upset at us because there’s this one rapid where in stones are quite numerous compared to others, and instead of us paddling, we were screaming our lungs out while our hands are feeling the wind and the gushed of water, as if we were in a roller coaster!

Then after that day, we board the ship again and continue the training. I was assigned at the reception and was able to announce something (I forgot what I announced that time! lol) and it was really a cool experience, passengers infront of me were smiling when watching me holding the microphone.

It was a fun experience, good thing I don’t have motion sickness coz I won’t be able to survive if I have lol. I learned a lot from my training, Got to learn that there’s a proper way of jumping out of the ship, got to assist the passengers and learned each sides of the ship. Having friends around you makes the training more fun and also there’s a friendly competition between us since grade marks is what we are talking about. I also once dreamed of working in a cruise ship because of that experience but I wasn’t given a chance, maybe it’s really not for me. But this experience will be forever carved in my heart and memory.

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