Where it All Begins

Our birthland is significant to our lives. The place where it might not be your last but definitely where your story start. Where your parents planned everything and started building a family. Where your first cry was witnessed and your giggle was first heard.

My parents were working in Dubai (read A Glimpse of Mila’s and Bugoy’s), fell inlove to each other and boom!—— I was born. The funny part was they thought they will be having a son since it showed in the ultrasound that I have this tiny thing hanging on me lol turns out I’m a girl (which I’m very sure of) and that tiny thing was my finger. I can’t imagine what does my parents look like when they learned I’m a girl hahaha! After I was born, my mom were transferred to another hospital because the doctors thought my mom was having a measles since small red marks started to show on my mom’s skin so she wasn’t able to breastfeed me. I also won a drawing / coloring contest back in ’90’s in Toys R Us and was published in the news paper unfortunately we weren’t able to save a copy of it, I tried to search in the internet though but nothing. My price was either cash or toys. My mom was clearly telling me to get the money but you know kids yeah so I said no and get the bathroom set for my barbie collection. I also had my keloids on my left hand—3 fingers, the thing is our nanny was chatting with someone and didn’t noticed that I’m awake already so I curiously touched the iron which is still hot and plugged but instead of bringing me to the hospital she hid me to our neighbor, afraid that my mom will scold her tirelessly. Until my mom came home from work and heard a baby’s crying and checked. That’s the only time I was brought to the hospital. My mom says the incident happened around 10am and they brought me to the hospital by 7pm. This is the place where I got afraid of the police lol! As a child, I was so lazy to walk, I want my dad to carry me all the time when we are going outside to spent quality time. As my dad and mom requested for me to go down and just walk, I declined and hugged my father’s neck until they told me there’s a police coming in our way to take away kids that doesn’t want to walk hahaha and it worked, I’m doing that now to my nephews and nieces and still working. There’s a lot of memories to tell you guys and I swear it won’t bore you since I’m kinda naughty during my childhood days hahaha but reading so long can make you bored out—I think?

When I was 6 years old, I decided to go home to the Philippines even though I’m with my parents. Why? Because it’s lonely, both of them are having work, I’m at home most of the days watching cartoons if not, I’m at school. But in the Philippines, I have playmates, my cousins are just one shout away lol! I have playmates, I can go to places I want and I can immediately eat what I want since my relatives are there to give me some company (in Dubai I need to wait for my mom so I can eat what I want and go to places where I want).

After 20 long years, I’m back to where my life begins, to the place which I first knew as my home and to the place where all my firsts has been recorded. This place molds me to become a better person (read You Deserve It!), this place witnessed the excruciating feeling I’ve ever felt in my entire life (read My First Love Left Me) but this place gave me hope and motivation to work hard for my family and for myself. This place taught me how to become strong, not to trust people easily and yet it taught me how to become vulnerable.

My homeland is Philippines but my birthland is United Arab Emirates. How about you? Where were you born?Where is your home?

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