My Ghostly Experience

Do you believe in ghosts or you are kinda skeptical about it?

I was about 5 years old when I first encountered them, I was inside the washroom, sitting on the bowl and infront of me was the drainage, I was playfully swinging my feet when I suddenly saw a bubbles coming out of the drainage until it forms into a blood I got so scared I ran to our room, opened the door, shut it closed and cried on my mom while hugging her. She asked me what happened and then I told her what I saw, she then went on the door to check and when she opened it, there’s traces of blood on the carpet from the washroom til the door of our room, as if it was following me.

When I was in college, my grandmother died and we traveled to my mom’s town to pay respect. After the funeral, we still stayed there for a couple of days without my friends knowing it (the extension), I was talking with my relatives when I received a message from one of my friends and asked how am I, I told her the situation and will be back after weekends, she kept on asking me if I’m telling the truth, got annoyed and asked her why is she being like that. Then she told me that one of our friend’s family saw me in a mall and greeted them and said I even kissed the youngest sibling of my friend. I told her no I’m still out of town and the mall where her family claimed that they saw me was far from where I’m living. It’s weird and creepy coz IT kissed her sister. They said it’s a doppelganger. After that incident, I got safely to my dorm. My roommates are not there so I’m alone, I decided to take a nap since I was so exhausted. I dreamed of someone opening the door and a woman in white entered my room, pulled the chair on my study table and sat there. I suddenly woke up and there I saw the door widely opened and my chair was moved as if someone just sat there. Is it a dream or it really happened?

Still in college, I kept on hearing voices calling my name. When I was about to ride a bus I heard my mom’s voice calling my name but she’s like hundreds of miles away from me, other times when I was walking inside the university I can hear kid’s voice calling out to me. One day I was inside my dorm when I received a phone call, I said “Hello” and it got creepy when I heard a woman’s voice mimicking the way I said hello and she kept on saying hello several times with a playful tone of voice until it got cut. I tried to call the number but the operator says the number is not registered—not unattended–not cannot be reached but not registered, I got scared and got afraid to be alone for a period of time.

I was on a tour in Baguio Philippines as part of my course, my roommates already taken a bath and when it was my turn I smelled a guy’s perfume inside the bathroom, I just shrugged it off and thought our guy friend visited us in our room, I was preparing the tub when I saw an image at the mirror, I looked at it and nothing was there so I thought I was just seeing things, when I was about to be finished I saw someone peeked at the mirror and when I looked at it there’s letters written on the mirror, I don’t know if it’s initials or just randoms words. I got scared a bit and hurriedly go out of the bathroom, my roommates looked at me and asked what happened, maybe it shows on my face that I was scared. I told them what happened and when they looked at the mirror, the letters are not there anymore. I also asked them if our guy friend went inside our room they all said no one visited our room. I just didn’t say anything after that.

It was weekend and I decided to go home, my mom and my dad told me that my little brother are so afraid and scared as he always see a woman outside of our house—no definite time. So when I arrived around 7:00pm-ish, we closed the door and the windows and the curtain because my brother is really afraid at that time. We were sitting face to face and chatting when I suddenly felt a gust of wind on my back and got chills and I felt right at that moment that someone or something was standing behind me. I saw my brother’s eyes widened and told him not to say anything. He put his hands on his mouth while looking at me, teary eyes. I was so stoned but managed to hold my brother’s knees. Here’s the thing, my mom was just steps away from us and watching T.V, we are really so afraid when I called my mom, she looked at us and asked why? I don’t know but she suddenly ran outside and kept on asking us why and what is happening hahahaha we are so scared that we just laughed at my mom’s reaction. We told her what happened and my brother told me that it’s the first time the woman went inside of our house. He cannot believe that I felt it before he saw the woman standing behind me.

I have lots of lots of experience with them but those are few that still gives me chills whenever I remember those incidents, right now I’m having chills just by writing it down. I just pray and keep rosary with me. It’s my protection from those spirits.

What is your scariest experience with them?

2 thoughts on “My Ghostly Experience

  1. That was a real good read.
    I feel this Blog is your Diary.
    Keep the good work up.

    By the way, I am a Story writer and Relationship Blogger.


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