(Potential) Signs Of Being Abused In A Relationship

Have you ever been in a toxic and abusive relationship with someone? Have you tried fixing it or you are just inlove with the idea of being in a relationship and ignored the signs and red flags?

Couples at the beginning are full of love and joy, smile and laughters are endless. Those dates and late hang outs makes your heart flutter. Those hugs and kisses are too hard to end–until you came to know each other too well.

I have been in a toxic relationship before and thankfully not abusive but I can tell that you will not realize it’s toxic unless you are totally out of that relationship. Signs that you are in a toxic relationship (abused POV):

  1. It’s always your fault no matter what he/she did to you (talking about physically and mentally, let’s add emotionally), it’s always your fault. You always feel at fault all the time.
  2. You are mad at him/her when he/she cheated on you or do something bad but fall for him/her even harder when he/she “explained” to you and denied everything.
  3. You put him/her first before anyone else. Before anything else, even if it means loosing your dreams and goals especially your life and career.
  4. You don’t respect yourself anymore and just beg for his/her forgiveness, beg for him/her to not go (top of the list!)
  5. You know the truth but still choose to be blinded by your love ( or is it really love?)
  6. You will seek advice and comfort from your friends but won’t listen and choose to stay with him/her even you know for yourself it’s not healthy anymore. Even if it means losing your friends and family.

How to get away with it? Well it’s not easy, some people are abusive either, emotionally or physically. It’s even harder if it’s both. It may be easy to say this and I know it is hard:

  1. But always trust your guts, don’t wait until it’s too late.
  3. It’s okay to be afraid, it’s fine if you are afraid of him/her but always remember you have friends and family you can run in to.
  4. It’s hard but you have to help yourself, you have to step up for yourself and for your future.
  5. Don’t be denial and delusional. It’s hard to do this but you have to give it a try. Think of your happy times before you met him/her. You are happy even before he/she came to your life so you could do it also even when he/she isn’t there anymore.
  6. Go out and have some fun, breathe some air and laugh (don’t laugh alone please lol). Don’t sulk in and don’t let depression eat you.
  7. Always remember you are loved by many.

It’s really hard to get out of a toxic and unhealthy relationship, you just have to stay strong for your dreams and future with your family and friends. Be vocal, even if you can see your friends and family getting irritated and annoyed when you open your mouth to talk about him/her, it’s fine. They are not mad at you, they are concerned to the point of saying hurtful words to you just so you wake up from the nightmare you allowed to dream of. It’s okay to give up, sometimes giving up is not a sign of being a coward, sometimes it’s a sign of being strong because you are getting your self out from the situation that may drag you down. Especially when you are fighting to save your relationship yet he/she isn’t.

Giving up your life? Getting tired of it? Nahhh– run to your friends and family, they will give you a lot of reason to move forward.

We are here for you.


21 thoughts on “(Potential) Signs Of Being Abused In A Relationship

      1. Omg thank you so much. Aw that was so sweet. And yep, feel free to message me if you need someone also! I have someone I’ve been dating for the last few months and he seems committed so I’ve been able to confide in him 🥰

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      2. Fantastic post – will share it as it’s so important to raise awareness of toxic and abusive behaviour and how to stop it.

        Liked by 1 person

      3. Awww!😊 People don’t really know they are abused til they evaluate theirselves and get out of it. People like you will be of great help to the community, thank you for sharing it 😊


    1. I know…on this day “action speaks louder than words” are not applicable anymore..you always have to read between the lines and observe, I hope you are doing great now after experiencing it (basing on your last sentence)


  1. These are some great tips. I have been lucky enough to never have been in an abusive relationship. But one of my closest friends is engaged and planning her wedding, and the guy is straight-up emotionally abusive. He not only isn’t involved in the wedding planning but drags on, complains and makes excuses. And he gets angry when she spends money even if it’s her own money. I hope and pray she makes the right decision and while I try to be there for her and tell her to think long and hard about this future with him, it’s ultimately up to her.

    Hannah the Mad Dog

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    1. That’s sad, and I’m sure it’s breaking your heart to see her being treated that way. You are doing a great job as a friend. Being there for her means a lot. She did make the right decision of having a friend like you tho. Let’s all hope for the best for her, hopefully the guy will realize her worth.


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