How Pandemic Shows The True Color Of People

The world is getting better but still experiencing health emergency crisis. People are suffering from health issues, loss of job and worst —- loss of life. Loved ones.

But the questions are, Is there still humanity left? Did people around you changed? For good? Or have you realized that behind those smiling faces that you thought were genuine was really a mask of deceit?

I personally experienced and witnessed how people whom I thought were my friends changed their attitude towards me after they got out from the dark pit and saga of their life. I gave all I can give. Financial, emotional and mental support even though I’m also struggling that time. My salary got cut because of lockdown and temporary closure of the company due to pandemic. I’m struggling but still decided to help not because I’m expecting something in return but because I experienced how hard it is to survive, and because I cared for them and thought of them as a family. BUT when they got out of it, boom! They started to trash talk behind my back. In all fairness, when I need something they gave me but with interest and it’s fine with me. Got delayed for days for the payment but got humiliated by that. Yeah, it’s my fault. But it hurts me, and thought to myself, how can they manage to do something like that and talk like that after everything we’ve been through? After all the things I’ve done for them. I got turned down several times by my FRIENDS and FAMILY. I know it’s not that right to think like that but I was just hurt coz I was there for them and when I needed them even just emotionally.. I cannot find them.

After spending time together in a very hard and challenging moments of life, I cannot even hear a simple ‘How are you?’ or ‘Happy Birthday!’ or ‘Hey!’ well, maybe because they are done using me. It’s my fault coz I spoiled them, coz I don’t want them to suffer more.

A lot of people lost their job either being terminated or their company was forced to shut down due to the pandemic. Some got the settlement, but some didn’t as the companies has the right not to pay your gratuity and again— due to pandemic. Lucky for those who still have their job (I’m one of those lucky people) and for those companies who are striving to still continue to operate.


Frankly speaking, there’s a lot of companies who just terminated people because they wanted to hire employees whom they can offer much lower salaries. People are taking advantage of the situation and some people were left no choice. Because they need to survive.

A lot — like A LOT died mostly due to covid, because it complicates their current health situation, no immediate health care, no proper medical attention. Some died in the hospitals, paying a huge amount of money hoping to survive and sadly, some died in their own bed inside their houses because no beds available at the hospital and no money to pay.

In times like this, there’s still people out there who are taking advantage of those who are in need, scammers now are everywhere, fake friends are in different corners, clever people are in the hills.

Pandemic shows us not only the importance of life, it also shows us the true nature and color of people. People uses each other for their own benefit. People pretend to be true and kind to be praised. People pretend not to have anything to milk other people. True color of people is more deadly than the virus. Why? Because it doesn’t have vaccine, you cannot know when it will attack you. You don’t know how to see the real person behind the mask they are wearing. Virus can kill you in just a snap, but people will kill you slowly while clinging to you as a friend or family.

I am not totally a hundred percent good and kind but I know for myself I am not pretending. I cared enough, I helped enough and what I have done so far is enough.

Pandemic truly showed to me that people come and go as they please. Family or friends, by death or by simply walking out. Pandemic teaches me not to trust that much to people even you know them for quite some time. It taught me that it’s okay to help others but help yourself first. Don’t give it all and always save something for yourself. Because no one can help you other than yourself and your close family.

How about you? What have you learned during this time? Have you seen the true color of people around you?

9 thoughts on “How Pandemic Shows The True Color Of People

  1. I have certainly learned through this pandemic that an awful lot of people, and not a small section of society but a significant chunk do not care one bit about helping others or looking after the health of people around them. It’s sad to say that this pandemic has exposed the fact that there are people who as long as something isn’t directly impacting them right now (give it time) then they actively do not care if something is hurting someone else. I’m not a pessimist by any means, so this was a rather heartbreaking thing to experience.

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    1. Sad but true.. People are taking advantage of the situation for their gains and I believe you are not a pessimist, you are just stating a fact. Hope you are safe and healthy.. Be safe and thank you for dropping by!


  2. I’m so sorry your friends and family weren’t there when you needed them! This was really interesting to reflect on, I definitely agree that the pandemic has brought out the worst in some people – although thankfully that hasn’t been the case for the majority of my friends and family. Thanks for sharing!

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