To Be Wealthy Is To Be Healthy

“Health is Wealth” —- the most popular saying of all time.

Unfortunately for me, I’m kinda below average when it comes to health.

UTI (Urinary Tract Infection) and Amoebiasis enjoyed my childhood, well I cannot blame them though. I love eating junk foods, fast foods and drinking sodas. Fast-forward to 6 months after graduating college, I was diagnosed of having a colitis and other colon problem. I’m constipated and it usually took a week before I dispose what I have eaten. I have undergone through a procedure called Barium Enema wherein they will insert a small and not that long elastic tube in rectum and will put liquids and pump air inside you for them to start the process of x-raying your colon. Funny part was the nurses and the doctor was really amazed because most of their patients always failed to finish the procedure and I were able to finish it without making a mess (you know what I mean lol). I also undergone a procedure called Colonoscopy wherein they will insert again in your rectum a tube to properly see what’s going inside your colon, halfway through the procedure I woke up and one of the doctor commented that their patient (me) are widely awake and I’m looking at the screen–watching, I can see my colon, how they pull and cut some parts of it for biopsy. I can even here them saying “Pull”, “Cut” and “Spray” and I was thinking—-reeeeeallly thinking how those stuffs managed to fit inside me. I tried drinking 2 tablets of Dulcolax and 1 suppository at the same time, it helped but just a little bit. People said Papaya can help ease constipation and have a normal bowel movement but it didn’t help me until I tried eating prunes. Almost 2500mg dosage of medicine a day made me hallucinate and grumpy. My doctor told me that if I will vomit fecal, they don’t have a choice but to operate me and thankfully it never happened—–yet. After a year or two I suppose, I was diagnosed of having a PCOS (Polycystic Ovary Syndrome) my first doctor says I’m a candidate for cancer, it really worsen my feelings, I was working and my colleagues were trying to make me laugh but I just can’t, then I opted to look for a 2nd opinion, the doctor explained it to me thoroughly and he helped me get back on track by saying “Everyone is a candidate for cancer, but I’m here to help you, your family and yourself. Let’s fight this and we’ll survive”. I was also diagnosed of having dry eyes and eye infection as well.

For my fellow constipated human being:

  1. Drink water. Always drink water, stay hydrated. Less soda or if it’s possible to totally cut it then it’s great!
  2. Avoid eating red meats (beef, pork and lamb) that much as well as shrimp and squid or any other seafoods that has elasticity texture as they are really hard to burn and digest.
  3. Eat more fruits and vegetable. Prunes helps me a lot!
  4. It’s better to eat fresh foods than processed ones.
  5. Drinking coffee helps me as well. You can try but drink coffee moderately or decaf if you don’t want that much caffeine in your body.
  6. Proper sleep helps you digest food fast.
  7. Avoid eating oily, fatty foods and junk foods.

Fellow women that has PCOS:

  1. Watch your diet and what you eat. PCOS loves women who are not taking care of theirselves. Gaining weight is what PCOS loves the most.
  2. Visit your OB-gyne regularly so they can see if there’s improvement or any other procedure to be done. They will also help you in your future pregnancy.
  3. Try using Anion Napkin, it is clinically tested and proven that it has health benefits. It eases the cramps, lessen the odor during menstruation and help fights bacteria.
  4. Always be aware and love yourself.

Fellow people who has dry eyes and eye infection:

  1. As much as possible, don’t scratch your eyes. It will make your eyes swollen, reddish, teary and kinda painful. Cover a small ice in a clean cloth and just pat it to your closed eyes, not that much pressure as we don’t want our eyes to have a blurry vision after. Do this every time your eyes are irritated.
  2. Always clean your surroundings, dust can really irritate your eyes.
  3. Don’t stay up super late as it makes our eyes super tired.

Thankfully I don’t have any other health issues other than those mentioned above hahaha. Just don’t go look and search over the internet the symptoms you are currently experiencing now. It will not help you, it will only make you paranoid and depressed. You will overthink and it will be the cause to deteriorate your health. Don’t overthink, just enjoy your life ( but still be responsible for your actions) and keep on fighting. Don’t lose hope even how ill you are. Help yourself, because even if the people surrounding you are helping you it’s useless. No one can really help you fight these diseases but you yourself. Always seek advice from the doctors. They know what to do and what to say. They will help you get better. Lean to your family and friends, they will support you and be there for you. Talk to HIM, he will definitely make you feel healthy, mentally, emotionally, physically and spiritually.

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Where it All Begins

Our birthland is significant to our lives. The place where it might not be your last but definitely where your story start. Where your parents planned everything and started building a family. Where your first cry was witnessed and your giggle was first heard.

My parents were working in Dubai (read A Glimpse of Mila’s and Bugoy’s), fell inlove to each other and boom!—— I was born. The funny part was they thought they will be having a son since it showed in the ultrasound that I have this tiny thing hanging on me lol turns out I’m a girl (which I’m very sure of) and that tiny thing was my finger. I can’t imagine what does my parents look like when they learned I’m a girl hahaha! After I was born, my mom were transferred to another hospital because the doctors thought my mom was having a measles since small red marks started to show on my mom’s skin so she wasn’t able to breastfeed me. I also won a drawing / coloring contest back in ’90’s in Toys R Us and was published in the news paper unfortunately we weren’t able to save a copy of it, I tried to search in the internet though but nothing. My price was either cash or toys. My mom was clearly telling me to get the money but you know kids yeah so I said no and get the bathroom set for my barbie collection. I also had my keloids on my left hand—3 fingers, the thing is our nanny was chatting with someone and didn’t noticed that I’m awake already so I curiously touched the iron which is still hot and plugged but instead of bringing me to the hospital she hid me to our neighbor, afraid that my mom will scold her tirelessly. Until my mom came home from work and heard a baby’s crying and checked. That’s the only time I was brought to the hospital. My mom says the incident happened around 10am and they brought me to the hospital by 7pm. This is the place where I got afraid of the police lol! As a child, I was so lazy to walk, I want my dad to carry me all the time when we are going outside to spent quality time. As my dad and mom requested for me to go down and just walk, I declined and hugged my father’s neck until they told me there’s a police coming in our way to take away kids that doesn’t want to walk hahaha and it worked, I’m doing that now to my nephews and nieces and still working. There’s a lot of memories to tell you guys and I swear it won’t bore you since I’m kinda naughty during my childhood days hahaha but reading so long can make you bored out—I think?

When I was 6 years old, I decided to go home to the Philippines even though I’m with my parents. Why? Because it’s lonely, both of them are having work, I’m at home most of the days watching cartoons if not, I’m at school. But in the Philippines, I have playmates, my cousins are just one shout away lol! I have playmates, I can go to places I want and I can immediately eat what I want since my relatives are there to give me some company (in Dubai I need to wait for my mom so I can eat what I want and go to places where I want).

After 20 long years, I’m back to where my life begins, to the place which I first knew as my home and to the place where all my firsts has been recorded. This place molds me to become a better person (read You Deserve It!), this place witnessed the excruciating feeling I’ve ever felt in my entire life (read My First Love Left Me) but this place gave me hope and motivation to work hard for my family and for myself. This place taught me how to become strong, not to trust people easily and yet it taught me how to become vulnerable.

My homeland is Philippines but my birthland is United Arab Emirates. How about you? Where were you born?Where is your home?

My OJT and Tour: Cagayan de Oro and (please) Camiguin!

On-the-job training helps you to become ready for work. It will help you realize which career path you should pursue after graduating. It’s not just about completing the hours of training but about the learnings you acquired.

In my case my ojt was a lot more fun. Why?Because we get to travel as a tourist at the same time! Let me tell you the journey of my not so long ojt in Cruise Management subject. We were told by our professor that we will be having an on board training in a cruise ship and aside from that we will be having our tour for this semester.

Early morning we travel going to the port where the cruise was anchored, waiting for us and for the passengers. It was raining and when we arrived, we were given the chance to choose our own roommates, and allowed to rest since it’s still early. When the ship started to cruise, the professors called us for briefing and excursion of the ship, Superferry 12 which is the largest ship of the company. Oldest and largest. Well during that time (2010).

We cruise for 2 days and the funny part was I woke up to my friends, sitting on their bed and looking at me, that’s the only time I realized my curtain was open. I asked them why because they are being weird, turns out I’m the weird one, the captain already gave 2 warning siren which means everyone should be alert. They all heard it except me hahaha! They were so ready to carry me incase there will be a 3rd siren! Imagine me waking up with fish swimming around me lol! Anyway, it turns out we were about to hit a small boat because of zero visibility (foggy). After cruising we finally arrive in Cagayan de Oro but ride a ferry boat again going to Camiguin, we stayed in Camiguin for 3days. Camiguin is really a paradise, you’ll see Lansones or Langsat in the streets or freely hanging in trees and can get it for free but in the market you’ll have to pay around $8/ kilo. We arrived at the resort and just changes clothes, leave our luggage and go to White Island in Camiguin, I saw the picture of it when I was training in Department of Tourism and I vowed myself to go there, which happened! The Island doesn’t have any hut or shelter and the sand was so fine and white not to mention the clean and clear water! We dipped ourselves and had so much fun!

2nd day in Camiguin, we went and swim to several places. Hot spring, cold spring and cold spring lol! There’s this spring called Soda Spring because the water tastes like Sprite! We also went to the ruins and underwater cemetery— I really want to dive and see those graves under water (it’s safe and clean since all graves are empty and remains were transferred to a new cemetery.) but my friends are too scared to do it. So I just shrugged off the idea and just have a photo with the huge cross which is a landmark for the underwater cemetery.

on our 3rd day we travelled going back to Cagayan de Oro but we first bought Lansones, I bought 20 kilos to bring it home and I only got it for the price of $1 per kilo, well Camiguin is the home of Lansones after all! We arrived in Cagayan de Oro kinda late so we just stayed inside our hotel room. Professors don’t want us to roam the streets late at night though.

We were scheduled for white water rafting the next day, and I regretted why I put a shirt with sleeves, people can clearly see the sunburn and the tanline lol! The organizers briefed us on how to paddle and what are the do’s and don’t. The excitement and adrenaline rush that we felt that time everytime we’ll pass the rapids was unexplainable. Not to mention the stories of people dying while on rapids. We were underneath the sun and aloft in the water for 4 hours with 14 rapids. The experience was great and unforgettable, our guide got upset at us because there’s this one rapid where in stones are quite numerous compared to others, and instead of us paddling, we were screaming our lungs out while our hands are feeling the wind and the gushed of water, as if we were in a roller coaster!

Then after that day, we board the ship again and continue the training. I was assigned at the reception and was able to announce something (I forgot what I announced that time! lol) and it was really a cool experience, passengers infront of me were smiling when watching me holding the microphone.

It was a fun experience, good thing I don’t have motion sickness coz I won’t be able to survive if I have lol. I learned a lot from my training, Got to learn that there’s a proper way of jumping out of the ship, got to assist the passengers and learned each sides of the ship. Having friends around you makes the training more fun and also there’s a friendly competition between us since grade marks is what we are talking about. I also once dreamed of working in a cruise ship because of that experience but I wasn’t given a chance, maybe it’s really not for me. But this experience will be forever carved in my heart and memory.

Cliche: Perfectly Imperfect

Nowadays people are having a hard time building confidence and accepting their own flaws. Why? Because there are some people out there that instead of helping you build your confidence, they will point out your flaws and start making fun of it.

I’ll be honest, as in really really honest on this blog. My confidence is not that high, I don’t know if it’s an average or below average level of being confident. I don’t have the face like an angel, I don’t have the body like a model, I don’t have the talent like any artists has. I’m “overweight” and most people around me seems like to have a problem with that. I’ve been called for so many names, “Pork”, “Wild Boar”, “Whale Shark”, “Puffer Fish” and the likes. When I’m moving and bump or hit someone accidentally they will say “You’re so big that’s why”, when I feel hungry and tell people about that I’ll just hear them saying “What’s new?That’s why you are big because you keep on eating.”, if I’m on diet and suddenly eats half of small chicken without rice or bread or anything they will say “Aren’t you on diet?Why are you eating?”, whenever I’m looking to some clothes and people noticed it they will just say “It won’t look good on you because that is only for slim people”. It hurts, and I’m offended of those harsh comments. For some people, it’s just a joke. It’s their way of motivating you. But does it help? For me, not all the time it works. I’m hurt of what I’ve heard from those people and my personality, the more I get hurt, the more I get stressed the more I eat. Reverse psychology doesn’t help all the time. People will think ‘I will say negative things about you so you’ll get motivated’—– stop! Think before you speak.

My unsolicited advice for those who think pointing out ones flaws help:

  1. Never ever call us names not intended for us. Our parents gave us name for petesake! (unless it’s an endearment for you to be called out pig or pork or whale shark or fat ass! you can joke at us once or twice but think, is it really funny?or it’s kinda offensive?). This also applies to those who are petite and slim.(Don’t call them stick, bamboo, lizard or the likes)
  2. Don’t blame our body if we accidentally bump or hit you. Look at the space, is it wide or narrow?
  3. Everyone has the same feeling, just because we don’t have the same size doesn’t mean we don’t have the right to be hungry, wear swim suit and wear whatever clothes we want so don’t degrade us if we want to do something or eat something.
  4. Don’t over react if you saw our pimple/s popping out or reddish, it’s normal. You won’t get the bacteria unless you touch it. Everyone can have a pimple.
  5. Don’t laugh if our make-up is not good and have uneven eyebrows or eyeliners. Instead, teach us how to properly use them, how to properly even those uneven.
  6. Instead of saying bad things about our appearance, why not say “Hey, I’m going for a jog, wanna come along. It’s fun to have someone jogging with”, “You’re on diet?Great! Let me help you search a meal plan for you, dieting is not about eating less, it’s about eating healthy!”, “This one will look more good on you”, “I’m using this skin care products you can try them if you want, maybe the one you are using doesn’t suit your skin type” or just any positive words that will definitely boost our confidence and motivate us. Support us not demoralise us.
  7. Think before you speak. Words can kill just so you know. Give us inspiration not depression.

And my unsolicited advice for my fellow low self-esteemed people:

  1. If you hear something that’s not really good for your ear?Let it just slip through your ears. I know it’s hard but you should also help yourself and try.
  2. Eat whatever you want to eat as long as it’s for your own good.
  3. You are not fat, you are just easy to see. You are not slim/petite you are just cute for their size. So don’t sit and cry at the corner.
  4. Don’t dwell too much on what they are saying. You don’t have to change because of them. Change because you want to improve yourself. Be your own enemy.
  5. Talk to your family and friends, they will joke on you yes but they always got your back.
  6. Voice out what you want to answer to them but in a nice and witty way, don’t get provoked. Don’t get into a fight, it’s not worth it. Let them see that your manners are not like theirs.
  7. Be yourself and be happy. Surround yourself with true, loving and optimistic people. It will be of great help.
  8. If you want to be accepted. Accept yourself first. Love yourself. Embrace your flaws, help yourself and never ever doubt yourself.

I really don’t know what is the key to be an above average confident, but I’m in the process of having it. Thanks to the people who shows support and genuine care. I’m currently on diet, and hopefully I can share the process I’m doing (if this one doesn’t fail!hahah!) with you.

Simply Thank you

Not all people you meet stays in your life. They come and it’s their choice whether to stay or go. It’s their choice if they want to travel the journey with you. It’s their choice if they are true to you.

I’ve met a lot of people before and thought they are my friends. Well If we share a common interest and have a good time together I already consider you as my friend. But that was a mistake, I should have not get my hopes high, I should have not let my guard down.

I’ve met friends I consider when I went to Armenia ( see The Warmth of Armenia ), there is this one lady whom I became close with. We share our past experiences, our feelings and some of our secrets to each other. We hang out and stroll around the city together, building memories but that was quickly shattered into pieces, she asked for a favor and I obliged—We are friends after all! And so the favors she’s asking keeps on piling up, I’m not asking anything in return tho. But not returning back what you’ve asked for is a different story. She begun ignoring my messages and calls until she just vanished just like a bubble. It’s my fault I trusted her easily. When I was in Oman I also met few people who became my friends and until today, I’ve been very close to this lady we are not talking everyday but when we do, it becomes overrated!

Then there’s your college friends, I have a big group of friends and up to this day only 5 remains in contact. I believe that you can still be friends even if you’re not talking to them for the time being and they are busy with their own lives, but just a simple hello or a simple reply wouldn’t hurt right? (or I’m just a clingy person?) but the memories are still there, good and bad. Everytime I’m looking at our pictures I can’t help myself but to smile and reminisce the good ‘ol days. Our bond in college are pure. And I’m thankful to those who remains to be in my life. We are all still friends in Facebook though, and that is still a good sign!

People says that High School life was the best part of one’s school journey, and it’s kinda true. Your craziness doesn’t have any limits, it molds your life and personality. My classmates are my friends and I’m not joking when I say all of them (maybe I’m their class president so they don’t have a choice?lol) and now it’s down to 2 whom I’m talking with almost everyday.

From where I worked before (see You Deserved It) most of them are still in contact and choose to stay. I’m glad for it. Now, I have made new few friends and I’m confident that they will stay until I’m alive. Why?Because they are my friends! simple as that! I started to create my blog last 3 years ago, but I deleted it and now, they are the reason why I’m starting again. Special thanks to my vlogger friend who is becoming famous now!(hahaha I know you are reading it, you are welcome!) and to this lady who keeps on fighting the demons pestering her, thank you! You guys made my tummy aches from unlimited eating (though they are really trying their best to keep the foods away from me) and cried from laughing loudly until someone tries to shut us up.

Appreciate the people who choose to stay and fight your demons with you. Give them importance not because they have something to offer and give, but because they stick with you without apparent reason. Laugh with them in times of happiness. Cry with them in times of sorrow. Accept them as they are, don’t try to change them as they are not trying to change you. They will say “I told you so” because of your stubbornness and it’s a sign they care. Don’t be lonely if you thought to yourself I only have this much of friends while he / she has a tons of it, it’s fine. It’s not about the quantity, it’s all about the quality.

Thank you friends who became my family, thank you for sticking with my craziness and thank you for not giving up on me! How about you? Have you thanked them for riding with your craziness?